Team leader

The leaders are responsible for the overall project. Their tasks include the management of the individual departments, external representation, the overall organisation and the administration of finances and the team members. The students in this department have been part of the team for a long time and have distinguished themselves through their special commitment and prudence.

Viola Mc Kearney
Viola Mc KearneyTeam Captain
Tobias Moosler
Tobias MooslerDevelopment Lead, Head of Driverless
Gerrit Floss
Gerrit FlossHead of Body & Aerodynamics
Jonas Zeisler
Jonas ZeislerHead of Electrics
Minh-Quan Pham Dinh
Minh-Quan Pham DinhHead of Power- / Drivetrain
Marcel Tschillaev
Marcel Tschillaev Head of Vehicle Dynamics
Dipl.-Ing. Robert Helfrich
Dipl.-Ing. Robert HelfrichFaculty Advisor

Body & Aerodynamics department

The vehicle chassis and the aero package of the racing car are produced in the Body department. The full monocoque made of carbon serves as the supporting element for all other components of the car. They also develop the seat, the battery case and important safety components, such as the crash box. When developing and manufacturing the aero package of the vehicle, they focus a lot on downforce and fluid simulation.

Phil Bosche
Phil BoscheBattery Case
Marcel Endres
Marcel EndresMonocoque CAD
Gerrit Floss
Gerrit FlossAerodynamics
Jean Gawrilowicz
Jean GawrilowiczAerodynamics
Per Hermes
Per HermesAerodynamics
Tim Köller
Tim KöllerBattery Case
Cathrine Laport
Cathrine LaportErgonomics
Till Merkle
Till MerkleBattery Cooling
Tobias Moosler
Tobias MooslerMonocoque FEM
Keshia Pingel
Keshia PingelSteering Wheel

Business & Media department

The Business and Media department develops the business plan.  This theoretical marketing strategy for the racing car is presented at the various events. They also take care of sponsor acquisition and maintenance, offline and online marketing and the planning of all events.

This department consists of students from diverse study programmes, such as industrial engineering, business administration, communication design and media management.

Lena Benz
Lena BenzPhotography, Video, Design
Heidi Enzmann
Heidi EnzmannBusiness Plan
Klara Luckert
Klara LuckertWebsite
Mike Maul
Mike MaulSponsoring
Viola McKearney
Viola McKearneyOrganization
Michael Schifferer
Michael SchiffererBusiness Plan

Electrics department

The Electrics department works in both the high voltage and low voltage range. The accumulator, motor controllers and converters for our new electric drive are developed here. In addition, the department is in contact with almost every component, whether it is the supply, the control or the validation. They manufacture and plan the wiring harness, take care of data acquisition and evaluation and develop PCBs and cases based on design specifications.

Richard Bohlig
Richard BohligBSPD
Adrian Eisentraut
Adrian EisentrautWiring Harness
Luca Engelmann
Luca EngelmannBMS, Accumulator Stacks
Sven Kluson
Sven KlusonSensors, Wiring Harness
Daniel Lantzsch
Daniel LantzschBattery Hand Cart
Timo Rohloff
Timo RohloffInverter, PCBs
Thomas Struwe
Thomas StruweController
Anton Wagner
Anton WagnerPower Distribution Unit
Jonas Zeisler
Jonas ZeislerAccumulator Stacks

Power- / Drivetrain department

Team Power-/Drivetrain takes care of the vehicle’s powertrain. The core task of this department is the development of a planetary gearbox to drive our four wheel hub motors. They also develop the cooling system.

Matin Etefaq
Matin EtefaqTransmission
Pirmin Fletschinger
Pirmin FletschingerCooling
Celina Geller
Celina GellerTransmission
Minh-Quan Pham Dinh
Minh-Quan Pham DinhTransmission
Marian Reusch
Marian ReuschTransmission
Fabian Schröfel
Fabian SchröfelCooling

Vehicle Dynamics department

Tyre behaviour, chassis design and driving dynamics – these are the topics the Vehicle Dynamcis department deals with. Moreover, they design a two-part braking force system, the steering gear and the kinematics. They work a lot with CAD, CAE and ADAMS simulations.

Maximilian Berg
Maximilian BergSimulation
Tobias Deisenroth
Tobias DeisenrothSuspension, Wheels & Tires
Jonatan Deucker
Jonatan DeuckerDampers
Lennart Kläring
Lennart KläringDampers
Tom Odak
Tom OdakSimulation
Marvin Sanner
Marvin SannerSteering
Maximilian Schmock
Maximilian SchmockBraking System, Pedals
Marcel Tschillaev
Marcel TschillaevSimulations, Suspension
Lorenzo-Claudio Weide
Lorenzo-Claudio WeideTesting, Manufacturing

Driverless department

The Driverless department is working on an autonomous system for future Scuderia Mensa racing cars. The main tasks include environment recognition, actuator technology and vehicle dynamics control.

Yannick Arz
Yannick ArzLidar & Simulation
Tobias Moosler
Tobias MooslerImage Detection


Former members of our team, who still help us with advice and support.

Dominic Amaral
Dominic AmaralIT
David Gandyra
David GandyraVDO
Jan Kilian
Jan KilianManufacturing