Welcome to the Scuderia Mensa...

...the Formula Student racing team of the University of Applied Science RheinMain

Our SPR13E in Hockenheim

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The HV-Box is completed!

Thanks to InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik GmH & Co.KG, they manufactured the HV-Box for us again.

Some safety PCBs are built in the HV-Box together with the energymeter of the events.


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Thanks to

the company Klingspor Schleifsysteme GmbH & Co.KG that makes us different abrasives available!

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The slaves of the BMS (Battery-Management-System) are finished!


The slaves will measure the temperature and the voltage of the cells.

Thanks to: Linear Technologies, Analog Devices, PCB Pool, NXP, Löhnert Industriebedarf, Heraeus, Molex und Würth Elektronik

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Thanks to

Loctite that they sponsored us many adhesives and sealants!

Frame production of the SPR14E

The frame production is in full swing!

Here are the first pictures of the construction of our new racecar: Pictures

Our electrical engineers are well equipped!

Thanks to Herth+Buss. They sponsored us a crimping tool, three RMS multimeters, a lot of cable ties, head shrink tubes and much more.

We are really looking forward!

Our long-standing sponsor Hübinger Transporte GmbH supported us this year. A special thanks to Wiesbaden!

The company Hübinger drove our racing cars and all required tools and materials too numerous racing events, such as Hockenheim, Barcelona and Varano de 'Melegari.

The rear wheel carriers are finished!


Again a big thanks to the Adam Opel AG!

Our rear wheel carrier weights 437g and was made of Aluminium EN AW 7075 T6.

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Waterjet Cutting


Many thanks to our standing sponsor KMT Waterjet!

This year they jet cut important components, among others the steering wheel, the busbars and the cell connectors.

Thanks to


Conrad Electronic that they sponsored us electronic attachments.

New rocker


Many Thanks to the prototype department of the Adam Opel AG.
They manufactured our new rocker and the rear dampermount

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News from the racing team


Today the team get together at the workshop to talk about last constructive changes and administrative things. Furthermore we started to manufacture the wiring harness.

Thanks to IPROTEX GmbH & Co. KG. They sponsored us the woven ribbon which will protect the wires.

The feedstock

Thanks to RM-Stahlhandel GmbH, they sponsor us the metallic feedstocks.

Our DC/DC-Converter PCB has arrived

Thanks to SLS-GmbH, they manufactured a PCB with 70µm thick trace pitch for the LV current of max 13A.

Formula Student Austria 2014 - We're in!

The Scuderia Mensa has successfully registered for the event of the Formula Student Austria 2014!

The event will be held on the 17th to the 20th of August 2014 in Spielberg.

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The programming of the dSPACE MicroAutoBox begins!


In Wiesbaden our IT department adjust the motor and program the dSPACE MicroAutoBox.

Many thanks to dSPACE that you sponsor us the soft and hardware.

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New reading


Thanks to Springer Verlag for the sponsorship of books!

New connectors

In the moment we prepare the wiring of our LV and HV components.

Thanks to  Dräxlmaier, Delphi and TE Connectivity, they sponsor us the connectors.

Thank you!

Thank you PCB-POOL for the HMI-board. And thanks to Electronic Assembly for the LCD-display, that will show the driver a lot of informations.

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New Year's Reception 2014


The Scuderia Mensa was at the New Year's reception of the Rüsselsheim trade association.

New Year's Event 2014

On 11th January we had our New Year's Party with sponsors, supporters and friends of Scuderia Mensa.

- pictures -      - Link to Echo Article -      - Link to Main Spitze Article -


Hockenheim 2014 here we come!

After a few exciting minutes we have been informed that we made it to be one of the participants at the Formula Student Germany 2014 event.

The event takes place from July 29th to August 3th in Hockenheim.

We go to Barcelona!

The Scuderia Mensa will be back in Spain. Formula Student Spain 2014 event will be held on the 28th to the 31st of August 2014 at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Thanks to


the company Berkenkamp GmbH! They have made ​​us 30 welding bodies out of aluminium.

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New pump for the cooling system:
We want to thank our new sponsor VOVYO Technology Co., Ltd. for the new high power cooling fluid pump.
By using this new and high power 50W pump we reach a 50% lower weight compared to the last years pump. We also higher the flow rate and by the way also the cooling power of our system. Through a customized control we are able to manage the speed of the pump by using an analog.



Energy for our SPR14E!

This year they say weight reduction for all components of the SPR14E and also for the accumulator.

By using new cells with more power and by at once reducing the overall capacity of accumulator, we were able to reduce the cell mass about 13kg (28,6lbs). In the mean time we reduced the mass, higher the stiffness and the security of our accumulator case by using plastics and fibre reinforced materials.

We were also able to reduce the overall weight of our bars by using coated aluminium instead of copper. Using established products for our AIRs and fuse means a great amount of reliability.


How can we design a suspension...

...with maximum performance in every event, under every condition, with maximum weight reduction? By considering every detail, every screw and every parameter. To say “that's how we always did it“ doesn't count anymore. The design of the SPR14 suspension is in progress. The concept is defined, kinematics are done, first parts are designed.

The following things are for sure at this early state: The new system will be more light-weight, simpler and above all faster than every suspension we built before. For Example: The front axle rocker's weight is reduced by 75%. This is realized by a straight load path and a compact design. At the same time stiffness is nearly doubled and the rocker is easier and cheaper to manufacture. There's nothing more light-weight, except for not using rockers at all!

The new Saison begins

After a great event in Italy, a new team arise. So if you are interested contact the team captain or come to our team meeting at the HS RM in room 223.
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FSG 2013

Unfortunately we were not in full flow, but we learn a lot:
We have a really good manufactured race car and we only had some small issues to fix for passing inspeactions.
But we have to prepare better for the static events. Therefore, the judges gave us important feedback. During the dynamic events, we also were not able to score because we had a major problem with the tripods which were destroyed several times by jumping out of their housing. Right after FSG, we are doing an error analysis to show the full potential of the car at FSS and FSI. Thus we have to manufacture some new parts. But the analysis will also help us to build an even better SPR14E!
In conlcusion, we try to take as much experience out of FSG and we are looking forward to the race in barcelona from 29th of August to 1st of September.